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[ti]COM[/ti]GUNetwork Modding

Posted by ALEXE (Shop Staff) at Apr 17 2015, 12:26:44 AM. 0 comments

Hello ladies and gents of KotsChopShop :toast:

With Kotton's collaboration I'm introducing to you a popular Modding community
which wishes to expand/enhance its GTA population and inventory with your help!

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Gaming Underground Network

[Click here to Like our new Facebook page] Posted Image
[Click here to go directly to the site]

Register, customize your profile and start posting! :umph:
Any old releases of yours will get renewed attention on GUNetwork, and we'll possibly have video mod reviews and modder interviews, when and if they turn out to be very popular :budz:

If you're active enough (or just if we go way back to '06-'09) you can become part of the site staff!

We've already had a few great releases (like the Green Goblin mod, various assault rifle conversions) and we're looking forward to more, for all the GTA titles: 3, VC, SA, IV and V!

Other events of the forum consist of site-design competitions, caption contests, Screenshot contests, mod promo contests and even mod contests! We're also encouraging new suggestions and ideas all the time!

I was hoping the GTA V PC release would revive your interest in mod communities,
but even if not, GUNetwork is about so much more! Any other games you want!
Any game you're particularly invested in, we have room for it. So come over!

Joining GUNetwork doesn't mean you'll have to leave or neglect KotsChopShop!
Loyalties are not in the balance. It's simply another "chop shop" to display your mods,
your screenshots and generally your gaming experiences in! :sloshd:

So bring it on :PpP: You are all welcomed! :argh:
I'd be absolutely psyched to see my old buddies, Repo, eze, king_george, VladyF, wired, Falken, Threep, Mave, Sharan, kuba, Urko, OG Jay, nik. and of course Kotton, among many others, rejoin the modding scene in full :P But there's always room for new members too!

See you there, see you safe and productive :2thumbsup:

P.S. Does anyone remember JGEM? xD lol
P.P.S. btw, Kot, this is the affiliates button:
Posted Image
P.P.P.S. We accept user-submitted screenshots on our Facebook page!
Make sure that they're your own and that they look snappy
Hey guys
keeping you informed that we also have a Steam Group up and running:

it may seem Fallout-Orientated, but we actually have GTA sections, waiting for any kind of input from you guys, particularly the car, skins and maps sections:

Also, we have an ONGOING All Games Screenshot Contest
Each member (old or new) can submit up to 5 screenshots from ANY video-game, relating to the theme "Heatwave" or, by extension, "summer activities" or anything else you guys find at relatively high degrees in temperature.

Enter the contest now! (until June 17th) http://bit.ly/06Contest

Some GTA Screenshots have already been submitted ;)

Best regards

Temporary site issue

Posted by Chipicao (Co-Owner) at Nov 30 2014, 10:23:26 AM. 3 comments

As you've probably noticed, the website has been inaccessible for about a day or so.
The problem is with our top level domain that may have expired. I have already contacted Spidereon to see what's going on.

In the mean time I've had to disable the domain and revert back to http://s1.zetaboards.com/Kottons_Chop_Shop

I'll keep you posted (thos of you who remembered the old address and can read this).

L.E. Registration Expiration Date is 2016-12-17, so the problem is somewhere else.

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